Bond Hearings

Bond hearings: If you are charged with a crime and arrested, a bond hearing is a hearing that is held before a Magistrate, Municipal Court Judge or Circuit Court Judge to determine whether or not a Defendant will be released on bond prior to his or her court date.

At the Law Office of Roger Johnson, we understand that no one wants to stay in jail for months waiting for their case to be resolved. We also know that a loved one’s prolonged incarceration can take huge emotional and financial tolls on a family. That is why we address our clients’ bond issues quickly and aggressively.

It’s highly advisable to hire an attorney to represent you before, during and after your bond hearing. An attorney can help you increase your chance of a successful hearing by assisting in obtaining a fair and reasonable bond amount for you. Also, having an attorney present will show the Judge that you are taking your situation seriously.

Having a knowledgeable attorney present with you to make a reasonable legal argument to a judge is the most effective way to convince the courts to set a fair, reasonable and affordable amount to be paid at your bond hearing.

There are several options when posting bail. The Court may release you on your promise to appear, which is called a “Personal Recognizance Bond” or the Court may require that you post cash or other surety in an amount set by the Court. If the Court requires that a cash bond is needed you can ask the Court to allow you to post ten (10) percent of the bond amount with the Clerk of Court. This money will be returned to you once you appear for Court. If you can’t afford this amount you can work with a bonding company to post bond on your behalf. If you do choose to use a bonding company the amount you put up with them is their fee and it is non-refundable.

Their fees range from five (5) to ten (10) percent of the bond amount set by the Court. The bonding companies are private and they set their own procedures when it comes to how much they charge you to get out of jail and any conditions to be imposed upon you while waiting for trial in addition to any conditions set by the Court in granting your bail. The two main considerations the Court looks at when setting the bond amount is the potential flight risk of the defendant and the potential danger to the community. Having an attorney from the Law Office of Roger Johnson with you at your bond hearing may help the Judge determine that you are not a flight risk nor are you a danger to the community.


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