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Criminal Domestic Violence

If you have been arrested in South Carolina for Criminal Domestic Violence you need to call the Law Office of Roger Johnson immediately. When the Police are called to your home after you have been in an altercation with a family member or spouse there is a good chance someone is going to go to jail. There are very serious consequences associated with being charged with CDV-Criminal Domestic Violence. I have listed below the Statute associated with Criminal Domestic Violence here in South Carolina. Each case is different based on the underlying facts, but you will need the services of an attorney to help you navigate the Judicial Process after being charged with Criminal Domestic Violence. The penalties for a first offense Criminal Domestic Violence charge can carry up to 30 days in jail and fines up to five thousand dollars. The penalties for a second or third offense can carry even more time in jail or prison and fines up to ten thousand dollars. A Criminal Domestic Violence conviction will also cause you to lose your ability to own or possess a firearm as well as revoke a Concealed Weapons Permit if you are the holder of one.

The law in South Carolina makes it illegal to cause physical harm to a person’s own household member or attempt to cause harm with the present ability to do so. A household member is defined as someone who is your spouse, a former spouse, a person with whom you have a child in common with or a male or female who you are cohabitating with currently or have formally lived with. If you have been charged with Criminal Domestic Violence call the Law Office of Roger Johnson today to protect your rights and your freedom.

Here is the link to the South Carolina Statute concerning Criminal Domestic Violence:

South Carolina Criminal Domestic Violence Statute


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